Episode 005 Chimp Paradox | Throw Starfish Podcast

I am a cynic, there I said it. As the daughter of an educational psychologist I have been taught not to believe every article out there about the brain and how we think. I don’t fall for the latest ‘fad’ theory and I’m very skeptical about ‘self help books’. Jonny Douglas, fellow Throw Starfish host, is similarly very sceptical. So when out of the blue he announced that ‘chimp paradox’ was on his top three books that changed his life, I had to get my hands on a copy.

I actually decided to purchase the audiobook- unfortunately I don’t get that much time to read anymore- and sat back, still reasonably sceptical, to listen. 

I get why he likes the book, I think anyone confused about why we something sabotage ourselves, or don’t do what we know to be right then this is a must read.

This lovely animation explains it better or listen to this weeks podcast

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