Episode 016 Getting It Done | Throw Starfish

In this weeks Throw Starfish Episode we look at how we get things done. 

We discuss our #100days challenge. The idea being that you set a goal 100 days into the future and then break it down to manageable chunks, just 1% a day. As mentioned in the podcast, I have already started one challenge, but I have decided to start another one with everyone else. One is work related and the other one a personal goal. 

I’m tracking my #throwstarfish #100days challenge in my Bullet Journal.

My personal challenge is running 2nd January to the 11th April, and is linked to fitness and training. I’m excited to see how it all goes.

Have you picked a 100 day challenge? It would be great to hear about your challenges using #100days and #throwstarfish on social media.

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