Kids Invent Stuff

Kids Invent Stuff; a new YouTube channel where 5-11 year olds get their invention ideas prototyped and shown to the world. 

We started Kids Invent Stuff to get more primary school kids interested in engineering and to show that engineering relates to every aspect of society (not just cars and washing machines!). Every month we set a different themed Invention Challenge and invite kids to send us their ideas for inventions.

Here‘s a little taster of some of the things we’ve built to date:

From a superhero suit that fires custard to a fire and water shooting piano, we’re consistently blown away by the inventive brilliance of the ideas we’re sent. Picking one specific invention to build and test is often really hard to do, but we have a stupid amount of fun doing it.

Custard Girl Combined - Rounded Corners V1 Dinner Dan Combined - Rounded Corners V1 - 750px Dinner Dan Combined - Rounded Corners V1 Piano Combined - Rounded Corners V1
IMG_4155 IMG_4231

You can see more at Our Youtube Channel and Our Website