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My first experience of meditation was at the age of nine, when I was introduced to the concept by my youth theatre director. I meditated for the eight years I was part of the company, but after I left the practice dwindled. A few years ago mindfulness became a buzz word in the business community and it reminded me of my love for it in my youth. After Jonny’s recommendation of headspace I thought I would give it a go, and although it’s not as regular a part of my routine as I may like, I love the value that it brings.

When I talk to friends about mindfulness they find it daunting, but after a bit of encouragement and the take ten starter pack they can see the benefit. We are all stuck in our own head, they are the only thoughts that we ever truly know (dwelling on that for to long blows my mind). So being able to train your mind to deal with tough situations, function well and generally be healthy is important. We deal with so many thoughts, emotions and problems on a daily basis it’s like a marathon for the mind. You would just go out and run a marathon, you train, build up milage and take the time needed to face the distance. The same should be for the mind, as we grow older we have to deal with more, deal with harder situations and mentally do daily marathons. Mindfulness and meditation is the training for these mental marathons. 

I recently came across an article about a school. That had replaced detention with meditation, I think it is a fab idea. Learning how to keep calm, manage our mind under pressure and keep clear headed can make a massive difference, particularly when dealing with the changes that being a teenager brings.

It is not always plain sailing or easy, but just regularly taking as little as ten minutes out each day can make a big difference. You can try headspace for free 

Please let me know how you get on.

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