Ruth Amos is a Managing Director for StairSteady Ltd, StairSteady Products, and DROLS. Ruth is also a Trustee for Young Engineers and a ‘Your Life’ Ambassador, a project aimed at getting more young people into STEM. Ruth also is a trustee for Greenbelt, an Art, Faith and Justice Festival, and she does a wide range of public speaking through Room 54.

Ruth established StairSteady Ltd in 2006 after designing the StairSteady as part of her GCSE Resistant Materials Course, she then went on to win Young Engineer for Britain 2006 with the StairSteady. The StairSteady is a mobility device to maintain independence and safety on the stairs. Following on from this success she took the StairSteady through to market in 2008 and it is now available through a network of Dealers in the UK and shortly will be available in Canada and the USA.

Ruth Amos, age 27, is an Inventor, Entrepreneur and Edutuber. Managing Director of Stairsteady, she iactively encourages young people into STEM through her involvement with ‘Your Life’.  Ruth is regularly in demand as an inspirational motivational public speaker, she is living proof that engineering and science is not boring and every word she utters about business is pure motivational magic. Little wonder she is a hit on stage at colleges and universities and corporate events.

Ruth is a Edutuber with her Youtube Channel Kids Invent Stuff, set up with fellow inventor Shawn. They set Kids monthly challenges and build and test these inventions on camera. Each week they release a new video aiming to inspiring and engage young people in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

Ruth is also a specialist on the Future of Business, curating Nesta’s Futurefest ‘Future of Work’ theme in 2016. Speaking about “The Future of Business”.  In her speech Ruth raises fascinating points about Artificial Intelligence, implants and asks what the career trajectories are for  Generation Z  and beyond.  She highlights interesting questions about advancing technology and the knock on effect of the education system, after all, how can we educate the next generation for a virtually unknown future world of work?  She discusses ‘Click revenue’ or earning through likes, shares and watches – a market she believes will get bigger and bolder as an industry.  A powerful speech in a changing world, Ruth’s speech is essential listening for corporates, business leaders, HR, Marketing and Sales professionals.

Ruth became Managing Director of DROLS in 2012; DROLS is a start up Toy and Education Company that is developing a range of interactive figures that will teach children communication skills and basic subject knowledge. DROLS is currently looking for investment to allow it to break into the UK market.

Ruth is also a trustee for Greenbelt a Art, Faith and Justice Festival and she has played an active part in this project for the last 5 years. Ruth also is involved with the FairTrade movement and has organised several ‘Be Good Be Beautiful’ events which promote organic and FairTrade clothing.

Ruth has received many awards and accolades for her work, these are detailed below. In her spare time Ruth enjoys running and has completed several half marathons and she is also an active member of her local swimming club, she often competes with this club.

http://www.kidsinventstuff.com                                              http://www.yourlife.org.uk/

http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/                                      http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/



Awards and Recognition


Contact: Room 54 info@room54.co.uk 

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