FutureFest 2016

In 2015 Ruth was appointed as one of the four curators of FutureFest, powered by Nesta. FutureFest 2016 takes place 17-18 September at the Tobacco Dock in London. Combining performance, technology, big name speakers and a plethora of seminars, demos and workshops, FutureFest aims to make the future “festive” – a place where audiences can experience, in a multi-media and multi-sensory way, the coming changes and trends as we approach the mid-century. Ruth is curating the Future of Work.

‘Future Work sets the scene for British entrepreneur and inventor Ruth Amos to ask what does the workforce culture, environment and technology of the future look like and what place will it hold in our lives?

As technology advances, will there be jobs for us? With self-employment on the rise and zero hours contracts becoming the norm, how can we navigate a drastically different future of work?’

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