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I have to be honest, since hearing about the pomodoro technique and trying it, it is just not for me. I know of many people who really benefit from its structure and purpose…but I am just not one of them. The Pomodoro Technique is all about time management and focus. It is designed to get your productivity up and make the most of your day. The segments and regular breaks mean that you don’t get to the afternoon and suddenly flag. The afternoon ‘flag’ should be a thing of the past.

Personally I already have my own system in place and my tasks are of such varying lengths that I struggle to make then fit. I also have to have some level in responsiveness  in what I do, and this doesn’t aline with the Pomodoro Technique. I do think that if I was to change the sort of tasks I was doing, bigger tasks that might take a few days, then this might work. I think this could be a great technique if you were writing a book. I would love to hear if you have found it useful and in which way. I really want to make it work for me so please share how you use it.

I sound very negative, but I am a massive fan of timing your day, breaking down a number of big tasks and giving yourself a set time to complete them. This really motivates me, I can get as much done in two hours then if I give myself double that. I recently came across a company that have implemented the 5 hour work day and found it to be more productive. I was recently reminded about how we push ourselves further and further without wondering ‘when is enough’. My friend Becky is exploring the ‘art of enough’ in her new blog.  We often loose that sense of balance in our own work, particularly when we are freelance, business owners or managers, becoming more productive can be a way to really make the most of the hours we work.

Limiting hours and deadline are what pushes me to be the most productive and although I found elements of that within the Pomodoro Technique I think it might be easier to fit around more office based working. This blog post is a good case in point, I have a hard deadline (Monday 7am). I started drafting my ideas on the train on the way back from London and I am completing it at a local Farm Shop before I meet my parents and Grandparents for lunch. Yes, I will slot in some time later to proof read and to do last edits, but having very limited time has spurred me on to get it done. Almost like forced creativity, I found this when I did my ’30 days of Blogs’, and for me this is why I think we should all try different ways of motivating ourselves and being productive. I also think the way we work changes over time. I see friends who are twice as productive after having kids, then before. They make their time do so much more than when they took it for granted.

I would love to hear from you if your use the Pomodoro Technique or have tried it. Did it work? Did you enjoy it? Were you more productive?


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