Ruth Amos is British Engineer and Inventor. She designed the StairSteady (a mobility device to allow people to walk safely up and down their stairs) as part of her GCSE Resistant Materials coursework and was Young Engineer for Britain in 2006 for the product. The StairSteady is now sold across the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

Ruth is passionate about the next generation of scientist, engineers, problem solvers and creatives and co-runs a youtube channel called Kids Invent Stuff. With fellow Engineer Shawn Brown, they set a different invention challenge each month and bring to life a kids invention idea- everything from a robot shopping trolley to the World’s first sneeze-activated flamethrower and a giant chain reaction machine from 60 kids’ invention ideas to set a new World record. Their projects have been featured on Tomorrow’s World Live, BBC News Online, major US TV news outlets and in 2018  Ruth and Shawn did a live invention demo on BBC’s The One Show.

Ruth co-founded the #girlswithdrills campaign with Kisha Bradley of Bright Box Makers around inclusive making and hands on workshops for young people and adults.






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Contact: Room 54 info@room54.co.uk 

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