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I’ve sat looking at my computer screen for the past ten minutes, trying to know where to start… I want to say something profound and inspiring, but I don’t even know where to start.


I’ve returned having watched the first Grand Designs episode. As a child of self build parents* I have a love/ hate relationship with this programme. For many years I couldn’t watch it. My parents dream was always to self build, and they did. The built took about twelve years and almost killed my Dad, but we have an amazing, beautiful family home.

Why on a post about success am I talking about grand designs and house building… well for me, that is success. Tom and Danielle’s house  was a labour of love, a challenge and a work of art. Alongside many I appreciate that, but I also appreciate the ‘not so pretty side’, the late nights, the stress and the physical effort. I’ve seen it first hand from my own parents. They were determined to do as much of the house as they could themselves, the designs, the pluming, they even went on an underfloor heating course. I can count on one had the aspects of the house that were outsourced. My parents (although it took longer) created a labour of love and a work of art. That for me is success. Having an idea and making it happen. For Dani and Tom success bought money to, but that is not always the case. Just over halfway into my parents project my father was made redundant, the last few years of building for them was tough, but they got through. That makes me feel they were more successful, against the odds they still finished and that for me sums up success.

Success for me is about knowing how hard something is, and still taking that first step. It is about celebrating the small victories and making the most of an opportunity. Success can be seen on many levels, from a child willing to get back on a bike after they first fall off, to a sibling sharing with another. We often only celebrate successes that occur at a high level, but I urge you to look for the little successes in everyday life.

You can here more about Pennie, Jonny and myself’s conversation on success on this weeks Throw Starfish episode

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*Anyone up for starting a Children of Self-builders Association, we could discuss the trauma of self building… that being said, I am seriously considering it myself…I blame my parents 😉 


I have also found a really interesting podcast episode the Ted Radio Hour ‘Meaning of Work’ episode. Let me know what you think.

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