Throw Starfish | Our New Podcast

I am very excited to finally be able to write about this… for quite a few month, myself and my lovely friends- Pennie Raven and Jonny Douglas- have been scheming and working on a new project. It is very exciting to introduce you to Throw Starfish, our podcast and blog.

There is a story behind the name, which we explain in our first introduction episode.

“Our podcast explores ideas and experiments with little actions that can make a difference to anyones life. We’ve all read that book, blog or attended a course that’s supposed to accelerate our career, or make us more productive, win more business, give us more energy, or predict the future way we live, work or play together.  How much of it do we take on board?  How much of it works or is practical?” ~ Pennie Raven

“We share our findings with you, discussing what we believe are the big trends and ideas of our time, expressing our multiple views on each topic and importantly giving you the best bits. Get a multigenerational view- I’m in my 20s, Jonny’s in his 30s and Pennie’s in her 40s- on each idea and practice, along with some good ol’ friendly advice.” ~ Ruth Amos

“We’re three friends, each with quite different stories, talking about how things actually work (or don’t) for us in the real world…our Podcast will hopefully give perspectives and insights that’ll encourage people to give things a go themselves.” ~ Jonny Douglas

Each week we discuss a topic or idea that we have tried and give our different views on why it might help or hinder the way we live, work and play. We are hoping to release a podcast every Monday, so please look out for them and subscribe (it is free!).


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