Episode 008 Tracking and Trackers | Throw Starfish

I love data, I like to know how much things are changing, when things are going well and when things aren’t. Discovering Bullet Journalling (don’t worry if you don’t know what Bullet Journalling is, find out here) meant that along with a tool to organise my life, I have also a great way to track habits and jobs. We all speak about what we track in our most recent podcast episode here.

Personally I think tracking certain key areas in life can help you achieve your goals quicker. Our brains can often play tricks on us, we tell ourselves that its been weeks since we last treated ourselves, when intact its been months. We only ran yesterday, when actually it was last week. By tracking certain habits- what we eat, project milestones, how much water we drink- we add focus to parts of our lives that we want to improve. The Tracker is your friend, its all about getting better at parts of life. In the same way a to do list helps us stay on top of job, trackers help us form good habits, keep track of what we are doing well at and how we can improve.

One of my most useful trackers is around my projects/ businesses. On weeks when things are busy and I don’t feel as focussed, I track across the week key jobs that I do for each project/ business. That can help me see where I am spending my time and if I am neglecting any of them.

One of the main push back I get when I talk to people about tracking is that ‘they don’t have time’ (we tease Jonny about this in the podcast). When I track things I actually have more time, or can make better use of it. I can make informed decisions on real data. When looking at my to do list I realise my next job is actually drinking water- this keeps me hydrated and focused longer. When I am wondering if I should prioritise a run or a job on my never ending to do list, I realise I haven’t ran in a week and go for a run. This often means that I keep a good balance, stay sane and use my time better.

I think part of my love for trackers comes from growing up motivated by ‘star charts’. My parents were big Star Chart fans and so I know the good habits that can be created when looking out for the positives and seeing the rewards. You don’t just have to track on paper, their are lots of useful apps out there.

My tracking is a much simpler affair, but look what can be done.

What do you track? I always love some recommendations of apps or techniques to try.


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