Kids Invent Stuff

Kids Invent Stuff is the Youtube Channel where we give 5-11 year olds the chance to have their invention ideas built and tested on camera. Presented by myself and fellow award-winning engineer Shawn Brown, we bring to life a different kids invention every month; with often hilarious consequences!

The idea is simple, each month we set a different challenge and 5-11 year olds from all across the world submit their invention ideas as pictures or videos, we then choose one to build and test and film the whole process.

We’ve brought to life some AMAZING kids invention ideas (everything from a robot shopping trolley) to the World’s first sneeze-activated flamethrower and we’ve also built a giant chain reaction machine from 60 kids’ invention ideas to set a new World record. Our projects have been featured on Tomorrow’s World Live, BBC News Online, major US TV news outlets and our 2018 highlight was a live invention demo on BBC’s The One Show.

Here‘s a little taster of some of the things we’ve built to date:

From a superhero suit that fires custard to a fire and water shooting piano, we’re consistently blown away by the inventive brilliance of the ideas we’re sent. Picking one specific invention to build and test is often really hard to do, but we have a stupid amount of fun doing it.

You can see more at Our Youtube Channel and Our Website